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I am Manuel Olguín Muñoz, Ph.D. (he/him/his), currently a Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, building resilient and performant software in Golang and Rust to route data over the internet.

I received my Ph.D. from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in June 2023 for my work titled "An Emulation-Based Performance Evaluation Methodology for Edge Computing and Latency Sensitive Applications". My advisor was Prof. James Gross, and you can find a copy of my dissertation on KTH's official database.

I am originally from Chile, having obtained my degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Universidad de Chile in 2017. On this page you will find a brief presentation of myself, what I do, and ways to contact me; and I might even set up a blog here at some point in the future. I am always open to discuss new and interesting proposals, so go ahead and shoot me an email if you're interested!


See here for a copy of my formal resume.




The below addresses still work, but should be considered deprecated and unreliable at best.

You can write to me in Spanish, English, Swedish, and Portuguese.